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Architectural and interior photographer

Images from an interesting recent architectural and interior assignment in Liverpool. The client was a property developer and the two locations involved were very different indeed. The image above is from inside an ex-bank, now a grade II listed building housing a restaurant and accommodation in the heart of the city. The image below…

Architectural photographer Liverpool North West Manchester Yorkshire

…is an ex council block, now being refurbished and mainly used for student accommodation.

These are just a couple of many shots from the assignment, look out for these in detail and more soon on my new dedicated architectural website. My favourite shot from the assignment is the one below. Unfortunately here on my blog it’s only 550 pixels wide so it’s done no justice whatsoever, but there you go. This was taken from the top of the tower block above at dusk on a miserable rainy evening. It’s 7 shots stitched together in post to create a huge panorama of the Liverpool city skyline. The amount of pixels and sheer detail in the full size image is immense, and you’ll just have to take my word for it that it looks bloody fantastic…

Liverpool city skyline dusk. Copyright Dan Dunkley

EDIT: you can now see a larger version on my main website here


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