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A quick upload from a series of tests I’m doing at the moment with the Mavic 2 pro.
Watch in 4k full screen on Youtube ^

My PfCO course is now underway (doing a distance learning module for the theory part) so I’m trying to get some more flying time in. I’m also doing a lot of comparisons between the Mavic pro and the Mavic 2 pro in terms of video quality. Without going into detail here yet, in short the Mavic 2 pro knocks the original out of the sky. From my limited testing so far I’m blown away by what this relatively small camera can produce. I’ve yet to test its stills performance properly, but from what I’ve seen elsewhere it’s pretty solid.

The short clip above is a comparison of colour graded/ tweaked and un-graded footage straight out of the camera. For any nerds reading the tech specs for the clip are:

Dlog .h265
Picture settings 0,0,0 (no messing with in camera sharpening, contrast or colour)
ND16 polar pro cinema filter (which only allowed a shutter speed of 1/100 in these bright conditions. Need to bag an ND32 to achieve the 180 rule)

The post production, colour grading and edit was done in the newly released Davinci Resolve 16 beta4.  I’ve used Premiere Pro for years but had to make the jump as my older non CC version can’t actually play .h265 files unfortunately. I was reluctant to have to switch to new software, old habits and all that, but I shouldn’t have worried. It feels like a great package and I genuinely can’t believe how good this free version of Resolve is. It seems very slick, user friendly and more powerful with faster rendering, especially as it makes better use of the CUDA cores in my Nvidia GPU.

Lots more testing to do and hopefully I’ll get more detailed comparison videos up on here….


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