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Manchester image in the Christie Hospital

A few months ago I was contacted by the Christie NHS Foundation Trust¬†in Manchester. They were looking to commission a whole new set of images/ wall art for the new private patient wing that’s recently been built. Well, they did, and my pics are now in there….

They’d recently seen some of the Manchester images I’d produced as part of my ‘North West’ project and wanted something a little bit different to adorn the walls and patient rooms of the new wing. So, different is what they got – a collection of architectural, quite commercial images in many ways, with a mix of nice scenics/ landscapes (from the North West mainly) for some of the patient rooms thrown in for good measure.

Manchester canal photograph for the Christie patient waiting room

One of the new patient waiting rooms

I went to see the images dotted around 2 floors of the building in various reception areas, waiting rooms, corridors and patient rooms for the first time the other day. It’s the first time I’ve seen my work reproduced on large format acrylic panels, and (even though I’m obviously biased) it looks really good.

Below are a few more snaps I took on my flying visit. On a technical note, it’s quite hard taking pictures of pictures, especially highly reflective acrylic panels like these. Naturally these shots don’t really do the images on the walls ¬†justice, but with that disclaimer out of the way, enjoy…

Private patient room with DanD photography landscape

Private patient room with landscape image

corridor shot manchester photographer

Corridor/ waiting area. You can just see another pic on the left beginning another ‘run’

Commercial photographers in Mancester

Close up. Nicely centred and lit from above and each side this one

DanD commercial photographer patient room example

Another patient room, another nice relaxing scenic shot here

DanD photography biog sheet

DanD photography biog sheet on one of the corridors. A bit of shameless self-pimping


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Wall Art At The Christie Nhs Foundation Trust Manchester…

[…]Another patient rom, another nice relaxing scenic shot here. DanD photography biog shet on one of the coridors. A[…]…

Pro Blogger News added these pithy words on Feb 28 11 at 1:48 pm

They look very impressive on the walls, really like the shot with the bikes, where was that taken?

B A Mather added these pithy words on Oct 31 12 at 12:29 pm

Thanks! The shot with the bike was taken near the Cervantes Institute in Manchester.

Dan added these pithy words on Nov 01 12 at 12:29 pm

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