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Manchester photographer

(Captured on an iphone - excuse the poor quality - rubbish camera)

I’ve been semi-worrying recently that the resolution of the original Nikon D3 (which is still my main weapon of choice), might not cut it if I ever want to print bigger than A3, or if a job required super sized image usage.

Well, my concerns were somewhat allayed whilst strolling along the street in Manchester the other day, past a building site on the University of Manchester campus.

Out of the corner of my eye I thought ‘hmm looks familiar’ and found myself face to face with several 8-foot tall versions (and some smaller ones) of my pictures from a job I did a while ago….

Here’s another big one…

Manchester commercial photographer

And the long stretch they’re on…

Manchester architectural photographers

Just goes to show what you can get out of a 12 megapixel file, and I was surprised by the quality even when scrutinizing them close up, which I did of course, looking like a slight lunatic.

The shot ┬áin the first pic at the top, and others from the same set have been used extensively (some might say ‘to death’ – but that’s another story) by Manchester University, and has also graced the covers of the 2010 and 2011 University prospectuses, amongst other things.

Manchester corporate photographers

It’s quite odd (in a good way) to see your photos in such a large format out on the street, but I’ve no doubt that most people will largely be oblivious to them in their day to day trundle along the road.

However, any photographer out there who’s had a similar presentation of their work will know the buzz, and you can guess which particular thoroughfare I’ll be taking the shortcut down most often next time I’m around there…


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