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Bonus update from the Manchester science project I’m working on at the moment. Another lab, another chance to get the coloured gels out for some off camera flash action. This lab is home to a small bore scanner, a bit like a mini MRI scanner or to put another way – the big white round thing ┬áthat can be seen in the background in the shot above.

This time I didn’t have to suit up, but as ever with this type of shoot it wasn’t exactly run of the mill. The scanner houses what is basically a giant magnet. Giant magnets don’t particularly get on with digital cameras, speedlights, or even the credit cards in your wallet (it’s the magnetic strip on them you see). As such I had to keep a strict distance at all times and be very careful where I popped my lights, which for this room involved a 3 light setup – one backlighting the scanner (gelled), one camera right in a Honl traveller 8 (mini softbox) lighting the scanner and one camera right also in a Honl lighting the scientist.

More pics after the jump…

commercial photographer manchester

This shot shows the quite bland room the scanner is in without any lighting going on. Not very exciting really. The yellow and black tape on the floor is the line you do not cross sir.

commercial photographers in Manchester

Same set up as first pic but blue gels used.

Editorial photographers in Leeds

Exposing and focusing for the monitor screen here. Lots of nice detail.

Science and industry photographers Manchester

Back to the red gels again

professional photographers manchester leeds

Sod it - let's go green


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