As a professional commercial photographer who undertakes a variety of work, no two shoots or projects are the same.

I provide a bespoke service with a bespoke pricing and licensing structure tailored to each client's individual needs, and budget.

Whether it's still photography, timelapse photography or video...

Pricing is based on a variety of factors including:


1. The creative input and equipment required

2. Timescales involved (pre-production time, travel time, shoot-time, post-production time)

3. Specific post-production/ digital editing

4. Number of images required (if still photography only)

5. Usage

A note on usage, time and day rates

DanD Photography + Video does not have fixed day rates. For any project but particularly for still photography, the end usage is the main factor that determines price.

Time-on-site shooting is only one part of the creative process and time or day rate is therefore not the best indicator of value or pricing in photography.

When contacting DanD photography, please provide a basic summary of your assignment - when, where, what - I'll then gather further details to provide a full and clear estimate of price.

A note on post production 

Post production work is an accepted major component of any timelapse or video project. For still photography it is also an important factor...

DanD photography + Video creates high quality, creative stills for clients that help them stand out from the competition.

A large part of this process is the digital post production back at DanD HQ after the location assignment. For the best images, (and particularly architectural still photography) this is a significant amount of work in front of a computer that the client does not often consider.

This vital part of the process makes good images into great images, and needs to be charged for accordingly.


DanD photography + Video operates on professional creative industry standards regarding copyright, licensing and payment.

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